I'm Tamara, 18, Puyallup Wa. Tattoos, piercings.
  • last night I was at the library, Looking for some books, I just so happen to see my ex boyfriend there. He’s been liking hiding from me and hiding his face like he thinks I want to talk to him.. He continued to have his friend look at me while he whispered in his ear. as they both laughed.

    As I recall I did NOTHING wrong to him.. He fucked me over multiple times.. He dated me.. didn’t make an effort to even try and be around me.. or talk to me.. he would text me wanting my best friends number when he knew how i felt..After we broke up I still had a thing for him.. One night he decided it would be cool to tell me he liked me still.. as a joke.. he basically killed me.. I was hurt, and embarrassed, and disrespected. By someone that I did nothing by like him.

    Not to be rude.. But I think I would have more of a right to walk around being rude to him.. Since he took my heart and stabbed it multiple times.. But I’m deciding to be the bigger person and just walk away and let him say what he wants to.. But if I see him again and he does this again.. I will go up to him and ask him what his problem is.. we dated years ago.. this is becoming pathetic we both other people..

    1. whatevercomesitis said: wow, what an ass. why do guys suck so much? Hah you are an inspiration to girl kind when it comes to horrible exs:)
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